On Friday 15 March 2024 we were delighted to have the Miniter for Agriculture, the Hon Jackie Jarvis visit Omega Walnuts accompanied by our local Member Jane Kelsbie who kindly organised the visit.

Its fantastic for us that the Minister was able to find time to visit us and continue the legacy of government interest established by former premier Mark McGowan and Agriculture Minister Alannah MacTiernan  in Western Australia’s only commercial walnut operation. The Minister and Ms Kelsbie were greatly interested in how our organic trees ( we are the largest organic walnut orchard in Australia) had stood up to the horrendous summer of no rain in comparison  with the conventional which has different husbandry

The timing was excellent as harvest began the following Monday so we  were able to show the Minister and our local Member the 24 harvest in the orchard and also show them our water plight, in common with other Manjimup farmers,  given there had been no rain since October.

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