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Organic whole walnuts (in-shell) are delicious eaten raw, but can also be used in all manner of dishes – toasted, roasted or even candied. You can add them to your favourite smoothie or muesli as a protein source, or why not roast and crush the kernels and add them to a stuffing to enrich the taste? They’re also a healthy (and delicious!) flavour enhancer for breads, cakes, cookies, dips and salads.

✓ ACO certified organic

✓ Award-winning walnuts

 ✓ Premium quality

 ✓ Australia-wide delivery

 ✓ Sustainably farmed

Organic ‘in-shell’ or ‘whole’ walnuts means that the kernel is still encased within its shell. The shell acts as an extra barrier to protect the kernel inside. This helps to preserve the delicate omega oils and keep the walnuts fresher for a longer period of time.

Where Can I Buy Omega In-Shell Organic Walnuts?

Our unshelled/whole organic walnuts can be purchased from our online shop.
Simply click on your chosen product above, select the weight/quantity you’d like and proceed to our easy online payment system.

Our organic whole walnuts are available (retail) in 1kg pouches, or in 10kg boxes.

Alternatively, if you’d rather purchase from a local supplier, please see our list of suppliers. Our supplier list is continuously growing. If you are a retailer looking to buy raw organic walnuts in bulk (wholesale), please visit our Wholesalers  page.

In addition to our organic in-shell whole walnuts, we also sell premium (non-organic) in-shell whole walnuts, as well as both organic and non-organic shelled walnuts.

Why Choose Omega Walnuts?

Omega Walnuts are proud to be a family run farm. We take the upmost care and joy in growing and nurturing our certified organic walnuts from our orchards in South West of Western Australia, where the climate and fertile soils create the best environment for the trees to flourish.

With over 10,000 trees, Omega Walnuts is now the largest producer of certified organic walnuts within Australia.

At harvest time, we work diligently to ensure the nuts are picked at the optimum time and then packed and stored immediately to preserve their freshness.

The end result is a superior nut which is crunchy, creamy and sweet.

Twice achieving a WA Delicious Award is testimony to the quality of our product. When you buy raw organic unpasteurized walnuts from Omega, you can rest assured you are buying a premium quality product.

How to Store Omega Whole Walnuts

At Omega, our walnuts are freshly harvested and packed onsite using our tried and tested unique process that minimises any harm to the shell or kernel inside. This ensures that all our in-shell walnuts retain their fresh creamy taste and crunch.

In-Shell / unshelled (whole) organic walnuts can stay fresh for up to 18 months or more when appropriately stored in a refrigerator or cool-room and will likely retain their high levels of omega oils.

They can also be frozen and remain fresh for several years.

Health Benefits of Organic Walnuts

Organic whole walnuts are indeed a powerhouse when it comes to health benefits. Every walnut can pack a punch of rich nutrients. Not only are they high in omegas 6 and 3, but they also boast the ideal health ratio of no more than 4:1.

Studies indicate that walnuts offer a range of far-reaching benefits:

✓ Rich in antioxidants

✓ High in Omegas 3 & 6

✓ Good for the brain

✓ Heart healthy

✓ Mood boosting

✓ Support a healthy digestive system

✓ Reduce inflammation

✓ Immune boosting

✓ Plant-based protein

✓ Naturally gluten-free

✓ GMO-free

✓ Keto, paleo & vegan-friendly

Whole organic walnuts have been shown to increase metabolism due to their high content of iron, calcium, potassium and zinc. As they are also high in protein and fibre, they can also help to promote weight loss (when eaten as part of a balanced diet).