In the fertile forests of Australia’s South West lies Omega Walnuts, WA’s first large scale grower of walnuts. We operate two orchards, each dedicated to attaining the highest quality and freshness in its produce. Our fully certified organic orchard is located in Nannup and the other, a traditionally managed farm, in Manjimup. Both orchards are maintained in accordance with our ethos of producing the highest quality nut, both in taste and content.

Researchers are discovering more links between some remarkable health benefits and walnuts (refer to the health section of our website). This research is one of the key reasons why Omega pays close attention to the quality of our produce ensuring that you get the most out of each and every nut.

Our focus on quality is consistent throughout the entire process from the earth to the shelf. Regular soil and leaf tests are conducted throughout the year to ensure the health of our land, from the microscopic ecosystem in the soil to the nuts on the tree. Using sustainable, farming methods, wherever we can to ensure quality in our current and future produce.

Our packaging system is designed to maintain the freshness of our produce once it is out of the shell. The oils that make walnuts so healthy are perishable so care must be taken to minimise the rate of oxidation. Damaged or oxidised walnuts can develop an unappealing bitter taste.

Western Australia is fortunate in that in does not currently have coddling moth, but this does mean that all imported walnuts in-shell are treated with Methyl Bromide at our borders. Other than for quarantine purposes and other critical applications, Methyl Bromide has been prohibited. Walnuts grown in Western Australia can be transported locally and interstate without treatment… Just one more reason to buy Omega.

Nannup – Where it all began

The orchard in Nannup is not only where Omega grows its organically certified produce, it is also where we began. Almost 15 years ago the Nannup orchard was only 2 hectares with little more than a simple home converted from a barn. Quietly surveying the property from on top of the hill, it served as an ideal country retreat/hobby farm for the Williams family.

After extensively researching exactly what to grow on our little property we stumbled across walnuts and the studies that were being conducted on the various health benefits associated with them. After realising the enormous potential of walnuts we set off and planted out first trees in 2002. With that began our first walnut orchard. Over the years we expanded our land, knowledge and plantings, slowly evolving the property into the beautiful green hilled orchard it is today.

Nannup is now 5 hectares of established and developing walnut trees and is a fully certified producer of organic walnuts It is also still our much loved country home.

Southern Forest Food Council and Omega Walnuts

Manjimup is the true home of Omega and where the Omega Premium walnuts are grown. With more than 20,000 trees over 55 hectares, it is the largest producer of walnuts in Western Australia. It is also where we process, package and conduct research and development.

Our packaging and processing facility is a combination of our own in-house designed and developed drying system and internationally sourced complimentary equipment. All this is designed to preserve and protect the quality of our produce as well as possible. It is also a fully certified organic processing facility.

Over a fifth of the Manjimup property is dedicated to researching and developing new methods of growing and managing a walnut orchard. Omega’s research & development, regular soil and leaf tests, nut quality checks and use of expert consultants, are a testament to our desire to continually improve and maintain the highest quality produce possible, and will continue to be a part of Omega throughout the life of the farm.

Southern Forest Food Council and Omega Walnuts

Omega is proud to be part of the Southern Forests Food Council (SFFC) an organisation whose passion for quality produce aligned with our own.

The Southern Forests Food Council was founded in 2010 by a group of passionate local producers who recognised that the wealth and abundance of produce grown in the region made it perfect for food tourism. Its role was formalised in 2012 after receiving a $5 million investment under the State Government’s Super Towns initiative. The investment is part of a $7 million Royalties for Regions allocation to the Shire of Manjimup for its Agricultural Expansion Project.

Nine local producers who between them, have hundreds of years’ experience in the industry, currently sit on the Council’s Committee of Management.

The Food Council is committed to unifying the area’s world-class and diverse producers to strengthen the region’s economy, attract investment and export opportunities, promote regional pride, and create sustainable jobs. It represents local producers, culinary and agri-tourism operators who live and work in what is WA’s premier food bowl, aiming to ultimately establish the Southern Forests region as an internationally-recognised top culinary tourism destination.