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Omega Walnuts

4 x 250g Organic Shelled Walnuts Pouch Bundle

4 x 250g Organic Shelled Walnuts Pouch Bundle

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Western Australian Grown.

Omega’s shelled organic raw walnuts are prefect for a range of dishes, both sweet and savoury. They are sure to uplift the flavour of any meal or snack, whilst bursting with healthy goodness. Why not try adding them to your favourite dip or pop them into your banana bread? They’re also an easy addition to any salad, trail mix or muesli.

ACO certified organic

Award-winning walnuts

Premium quality

Australia-wide delivery

Sustainably farmed

Omega’s shelled raw organic walnuts are walnuts that are without their shell. They are also commonly known as ‘walnut kernels.’

How to Store Shelled Organic Walnuts

Once opened, simply place your shelled organic walnut halves and pieces in an airtight container and store in a cool, dry environment. For optimal longevity we recommend storing them in a refrigerator.

How Long do Shelled Organic Walnuts Last?

Providing they are stored in a refrigerated environment, your shelled organic walnuts can remain fresh for up to 18 months. They can also remain fresh for up to several years if you freeze them (again in an airtight container).

Health Benefits of Organic Walnut Kernels

Omega’s shelled organic walnuts are ACO certified organic. They are raw, which means their nutritional value is not compromised.

Rich in omega-6 and 3 fats (and boasting a balanced ratio of no more than 4:1), walnuts contain more antioxidants than most other foods and are widely acknowledged as the healthiest nut.

Bursting with healthy fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals, studies indicate that walnuts can help to improve cholesterol levels, boost the immune system, improve mental health and reduce the risk of certain diseases.

Some of the health benefits to eating fresh raw walnuts include:

Rich in antioxidants

High in Omegas 3 & 6

Good for the brain

Heart healthy

Mood boosting

Support a healthy digestive system

Reduce inflammation

Immune boosting

Plant-based protein

Naturally gluten-free


Keto, paleo & vegan-friendly

The benefits of antioxidants to our heart, brain and general well-being are widely known and well-documented. And this is why at Omega Walnuts, we work hard to ensure you get the most out of each and every walnut. Not only that, but the preservation of the omega oils ensures a rich, fresh and creamy taste.

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